Friday, July 10, 2015

The perfect body

Hands up if you want a perfect body!!
YES PLEASE!!! (I`m holding up my hand.....AND waving it in agreement)

Well then ,what exactly does the perfect body look like??

Is it the Victoria`s Secret models that has the perfect body?
Glamour models? Athletes? Kim Kardashian??


Is it all in the eyes of the beholder?

I`ll tell you who i think has the perfect body........ YOU!! (that`s right,you reading this)
Bet you just snorted and laughed a little sarcastic just now.

But i`m dead serious!! you have the perfect body! We all do!
It`s all about how we see ourselves, or how we should see ourselves.

I have spent so may years comparing myself to other women who had what i considered a perfect body.
And all that did was make me depressed and hate my own body.

"Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are."

We have been given some pretty shitty body standards to be honest.
All that talk about being skinny.....BAH!!!
It actually sounds down right unhealthy to me the more i think about it.
And the perfect models aren`t even perfect enough.
They computer edit and retouch them as well.

And we`re bombarded everywhere with ads on how to lose weight, diet this and diet that.

We are being told "you are too fat" and "you have to be skinny to be beautiful and successful"

Why has the body more value than the person?

It is a bit of a tragedy.

My personal inspiration! Her youtube channel is the best and she is such an amazing person, Love her <3

But as i said, we all have a perfect body, we are all unique and beautiful.
So to compare ourselves to other people ,is just wrong.
Because we can`t be anyone else than ourselves.

thick chinese women | ... women dont find fat guys attractive but why more guys find fat women

I believe that if you treat your body with love and respect, it will give you so much back.
After all we only have the one we`re born in.

So instead of punishing it for not looking like what you  think is perfect, try to accept it for the Incredible gift it is.
And with a healthy  diet and exercise (even moderate exercise like walking) you will get amazing results.

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I hope you enjoyed this post.
Please lave questions and comments blow.

Have a beautiful day!
Don`t forget to love your body!

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