Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St.Patrick`s Day!!

get your irish on . . . #printable

Happy St.Patrick`s day to you all!

Today everything is Jolly and green, and today we`re all a little Irish!!
St.Patrick`s day is one of the few national days that has been "adopted" by countries all over the world.
No Wonder, the Irish do know how to have a good time.
And they are  "the more,the merrier" kind of People.
So let`s put our party hats on and join the Irish in celebrating their day!!!

Lucky Day St. Patricks Day Printable - - #stpatricksday #printable #lucky
Borrowed from Pinterest

I started my day with green Paddy`s day pancakes. Just to wake up with the right feel to the day.
They look almost scary and dangerous to eat ,but i swear they`re completely
Amazing what a little green Food dye can do. haha!
Irish pancakes it is!!

Get the recipe to my pancakes HERE  ( just add 1-2 drops of green food dye)

So where ever in the world you are, may you have a fun celebration.
Dress up in green, drink Guinness, have the mischievousness of the leprechauns and if you`re very lucky,you might just find the pot o` gold at the end of a rainbow.


Hydropackulicity Definition #56  The amount of gold at the end of rainbow

Have a happy and green day!!


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