Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The B&O Yorkville run.......i might possibly be insane.....or am I

So i have signed up for a 5K race in September 2015.....
The B&O Yorkville run no less..... and i fear i might  possibly be nuts.
I mean in general i quite dislike  long distance running (not that 5K is that far)
ANYHOW..... i`m more of an interval girl,and love to run fast with my well earned breaks in between . lol.
So i`m going on my very own adventure to Toronto,Canada in September, and figured i`m really making signing up for a 5K race?
Alrighty then, a race it is!....As this trip in many ways is my way of rising up again, and stand on my own two feet,and embrace my beloved Independence.
But now i have to step up my game a bit,cause i don`t want to be the last person at the finish line.hahaha!! ( that would totally suck!!)
I`ve already started training for this race, and is going fantastic! (that`s a lie!)
Too be honest it`s really tough.
I mean,i KNOW i can do`s just i`m not a big fan of fighting With myself to keep my legs going for 5K. (because as i said,i love my breaks)
But thankfully i have a while to get ready, and i`m seeing progress the whole time, meter after meter.
And in a way, i`m building character as well, because i`m doing something completely new to me, breaking new territory and ignoring my fear of the unknown. I`m diving right in!
So YAY for the Yorkville run!! For a much needed Challenge!
Have a great day !

If you wanna Join the  B&O Yorkville run click HERE ( registrations start 15.April)


or if you wanna donate to any of the great causes the Yorkville run is held for click HERE


  1. you are great and you will do even greater!!
    i know that a couple of things help me run on -
    1. i split up my km:
    i first run 1 km, and that is rather easy. then i say to myself, you just have to go up to 2.5 km. its only 1.5 km further. i make it through. then im all like - get to 4 km! get to 4! - only 1.5! then i get to 4 and every 200m i up my speed on the machine by 0.1/0.2 kph, so that makes me have to "do" something while i run the last km. and those "200m goals" are life savers for me.
    2. MUSIC!!!! it has to be very upbeat. the trashier the better - pitbull "fireball" is great to bring your spirit back and feel lighter. Katty Perry's Roar (remix) is great, infected mushroom - Insane, all those beats, get to my feet and keep'em going :)

    1. Thank you so much Tal,That`s a great idea!!
      You`re a sweetheart.