Sunday, March 29, 2015

My favorite hair and shower the moment.

I love trying new beauty Products, what woman doesn`t.
And over the years i`ve leaned more towards natural and organic products, because i believe it matters what you put On Your body as much as what you put in it.

As a hairstylist i was taught the importance of using good products on my clients hair ,
and always recommended them to buy the right products for their hair.
I`m not saying you have to buy salon Products , but i am saying get proper guidance to what your hair needs.
And if the price is an issue ,go online and get the products there.
you can find any hair product to at least half of that in a salon.

But please please please.....don`t buy the cheap grocery brands!!!
They are to your hair what junk food is to your body. Really bad!!
If you use the product right ,it will last a long time.
A little goes a long way, so with shampoo and conditioner 1 tsp is enough.

The same applies to body Products and skin care.

When it comes to shower gels or creams, my main focus is to use something that won`t dry out my skin. As i have sensitive skin.
And it has to smell absolutely  GORGEOUS!!!

I`m making an effort to find Natural and/or organic products , because i don`t want the nasty Chemicals on my skin or in my hair.
So i`m gonna share some of my favorite shower and hair products right now ( they may change from time to time. lol )

This Israeli product line is just awesome!! My favorite product is the shower gel,especially the PLV scented (Patchouli,Lavender and Vanilla ) .
The smell is warm and relaxing, Just pure pleasure.
It`s SLS and Parabene free.
Only Down side is that the bottle is made from glass,so i have to pour it in to a different bottle,which is a shame because the bottle is rather pretty.
And it should have a pump dispenser.
Other than that it`s my favorite shower gel at the moment.
(since we can`t get this Product in Norway, i get them on

Body Shop Bath Lily:
I LOOOVE this bath "sponge" (don`t know what else to call
It`s amazing to wash and clean the body with, as it makes the shower gel foam and it`s mildly exfoliating. Which i love. I can get the dead skin cells off without a harsh scrub.
And last but not least...The color...I LOVE the color!
Bright colors make me happy, so this little bright lily  makes showering a happy experience.



Fushi Stimulator Herbal Shampoo:
This shampoo is really great, it`s originally for fine hair and hair loss.
It`s suppose stimulate the scalp to make hair grow back.
I don`t know if it makes hair grow, but it gives my hair volume and it feels thicker.
And it smells really nice.
I love it!

To get this shampoo click HERE

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo:
This Shampoo really smells like coconut! It`s one of my favorite scents.
I could seriously sniff the bottle all day!! lol.
This shampoo is great for dry and damaged hair.
It does not weigh hair down, it makes it shiny and light.
To get this shampoo click HERE

A`kin Macadamia & Wheat protein Conditioner:
This conditioner is really lovely.
It`s great for dry and damaged hair , and does not make the hair Heavy.
The right way to apply conditioner is just the lengths, NOT on top of the head ans scalp.
It has no special smell,which is fine by me since the shampoos i use have enough scent.

To get the conditioner click HERE

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Have a great day!


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