Thursday, March 26, 2015

Waffles Norwegian style.


Waffles or vaffler as we call them, are one of the most popular treats here in Norway.
If we could we`d eat waffles every day i`m sure.

I don`t think i know a single Norwegian who doesn`t love waffles.
We love it more than cake......well,most of us.
We`ll have our waffle and eat it too! lol.

So,i thought i`d share my recipe with you.

Vaffler! ( large batter.)

400 grams Sugar, (I use half,I prefer it a little less sweet)
500 grams butter ,melted (Use real butter!!)
1 kg wheat flour
1 liter buttermilk
1 liter Whole milk (you can use only milk if you prefer ,and skip buttermilk)
2 tsp Vanilla extract
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
3 eggs

In a large bowl, add  all the dry ingredients.
mix it and combine well.
add all the wet ingredients and mix well.
Let the batter sit in the fridge 10-20 min before making the waffles,to let the batter swell a little.

We use the "standard" waffle irons, NOT the Belgian style waffle iron.

Heart Waffle Maker.  present, someday.

If you want a healthier Version:

-use 1/4 cup stevia instead of  sugar
-use low fat milk
-use 500 grams Whole wheat flour , 250 grams Oats and 250 grams regular wheat flour.
(or 750 grams Whole wheat and 250 regular wheat.
-use 100 grams butter,or skip it, or add olive or coconut oil

What we put on the waffle is maybe a little unusual.....
We have a cheese here we call Brunost (Brown cheese)
It sounds horrible,but it`s not. It has a caramel like flavour.
Us Norwegians are crazy about it.

Nordic Nibbler: Brunost, Norwegian Brown Cheese.........after you make mozzarella use the whey to make ricotta then use they whey to make this brown cheese:)
Norwegian Brunost
norwegian-food-vafler-waffles. My friend Heidi made these for us and they were amazing. Going to try it. LS

And many put a little strawberry jam on top of the Brunost.
Others prefer sour cream and jam (raspberry or strawberry.)
But of course,you put what ever you like on Your waffle.

Hope you`ll give the recipe a try.

Until Next time,

Have a great day


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