Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Run run run...


As I have mentioned before on this blog, i`m in training for my first race ever.
I`m training for the Yorkville run in Toronto 13th of September 2015.
I`ve always been rather negative to long distance running..... I find it boring.
THERE i said it. lol!!

But lately,i must admit, i`m actually enjoying it! (OMG,did I actually say that and meant it?)
I find that pushing myself for a purpose actually gives me quite the boost!
But that`s the thing,i have a reason to push myself!!
Had i not signed up for this race,i probably wouldn`t be running long distance at all.
Certainly not pushing myself like i do now.
I`d still be enjoying my intervals.....and not knowing what i`m made of.

So today as i was running my 5.2 km round in my neighbourhood, i set out with the intent of just running for the sake of the workout.
I wasn`t planning on beating my previous time. which was 32 min BTW.
I had been working out the two previous days,so i knew my legs would be a little heavy ,and i would focus on just keeping my legs going.

When i finished my run i looked at my polar watch... I see to my delight that i have run my round 42 Seconds faster than last time.(WOOHOOOOO!!!)
I gotta admit, i`m a little proud. lol!

This is why i`m starting to enjoy my 5K training , I am doing what i believe i couldn't.
It`s amazing what a goal can do to my motivation , and to see how strong and capable my body really is.
I am so excited about this progress..... anything is possible it seems.


If you wanna run with me at the Yorkville run click Here and sign up!
(official registration starts 15.April)

Or if you wanna donate to many of the great causes click HERE

Maybe I`ll see you at the start line..... :-)

Until Next time...

Have a great day!