Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My journey to running 5K!

My post today is about how i  got to the point where i`m able to run 5K without any breaks.
As i mentioned (twice) in my last post, i`m a hardcore interval girl, and i have NEVER liked long distance running whatsoever.
So the fact that`i`m gonna participate in a 5K race is rather least to
But here I am training for one! And I`m gonna race my first race in a Foreign country!
The Yorkville run in Toronto,Canada to be exact.
When i decided to join a race , i was thinking a lot about how i would EVER manage to run THAT FAR without any breaks.
I checked Google and Pinterest for 5K running plans, like "the couch to 5K in 8 weeks".
But i did`t like the set up of the plans, so i decided to make my own plan, inspired by all the information i had gathered.
I have Access to a nearby gym,so i use that frequently. But i also run outside ,preferably on sunny
As a rule I workout every 2nd day, usually with a combination of interval running and strength training.

So when i decided to train for the 5K, I went at it in intervals, plain and simple.
Now ,I`m not a beginner at running,so my Fitness level is average i think.
I only run 5K 1-2 times a week, and train with weights and do sprint intervals the other days  (my workout plan below)
I try to be active 6-7 days a week. so the days between my workouts, I go for walks.
Of course i`ll have a complete rest day now and then, but i find my active rest very necessary so my muscles don`t get stiff and sore.

 Here is MY plan to run 5K:

On the days i run 5K on the treadmill at the gym, i`ll do strength training on arms/chest,back  and abs. (well basically upper body)
unless i run outside, then i`ll skip the weights that day. ( i`m honestly not bothered working out twice in a day)
Then on the days i don`t run 5K, I opt for leg/lower body  strength training, With a short sprint interval  as a warm up.

On the tread mill (1-2 times a week)

Week 1-2: Run 300 meter (328yd), Walk 100 meters (109yd)  (in intervals, until you`re at 5km.)
Week 3-4: Run 500 meters (546yd), Walk 100 meters (109yd)  (in intervals)
Week 5: Run 700 meters (765yd), Walk 100-200 meters (109-218yd) (in intervals)
Week 6-7: Run 1000 meters (1093yd) , Walk 100-200 meters (109-218yd) (in intervals)
Week 8-9 : Run 1.5km (1640yd), Walk 150 meters (164yd) (in intervals)
Week 10: Run 2km (1.2 miles), Walk 150 meters (164yd) (in intervals)
Week 11-12: Run 2.5 km (1.5 miles), Walk 100 meters (109yd), Run 2.5km (1.5 miles)
Week 13: Run 3km (1.8 miles) Walk 100 meters (109yd), Run 2km (1.2 miles)
Week 14: Run 5K

Good Luck and have fun with it, mix it up by running outside as well (less boring than treadmill and more to look at)

If you wanna race ith me at the Yorkville run September 13, click  HERE

If you wanna donate to any of the Yorkville run`s great causes ,click  HERE

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Have a great day!



  1. You are going to rock this!!! :D

    1. I`ve already reached my goal ,I`m actually running 5K now,so now it`s just maintaining and developing my Fitness. :) But i`m so excited about running my first race!!! :D