Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tone it up....The Bikini Series 2015

Behind the scenes #BIKINISERIES ☀

As I am Tone it up girl and member , I`ll join thousands of girls from all over the world for the 5th annual Tone it up Bikini Series.

It`s 8 weeks of  working out, healthy eating, fun fitness challenges and a bunch of women supporting each other and cheering each other on.

I really love this community!!
The positive spirit,the lovely sisterhood of women, no hating on each other, friendships and connections that reaches across the world, makes this community very unique and worth following.

This years bikini series has me extra motivated as i`m training for my first race (the yorkville run), and i really need the extra kick in the butt.
Everybody has their different goals and reasons for joining the Bikini Series,but a common goal we all share is to get healthier,stronger and absolutely TIU fabulous!! (and we`re all dying to get a butt like Kat`s!! Total butt envy right there)

So my goal goal for this Bikini Series is to become absolutely smokin` hot.....haha, sorta!
Nah, my goal is to get in  shape and faster for the race, but also, shape my body,in a healthy way.
Hopefully slim down a little, and continue to adapt healthy habits.

Our new Summer mantra.

The Tone it up bikini series start 13th of April , so if you`re not familiar With Tone it up
click HERE to see their blog and nutrition plan, and maybe even sign up for the bikini series.

They`ll post daily workout challenges and also new  recipes  during the 8 weeks of  the Bikini series.
There is so much fun being a part of the TIU community, it`s quite addictive too. lol!

We all check in on instagram, facebook and twitter, although i think maybe most of the girls post on instagram and twitter.

Check out the 3rd Annual Bikini Series from TIU Girls! Sign up and get the latest workouts, recipes, and more.

The countdown is on, just 11 days until the Bikini series start.
Sign up and join the fun!!

Have a great day!


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  1. I love the community, too. All are positive, respecting each other and no one´s judging you.
    I have a bikini series post, too. So, if you want to check it out :)