Friday, March 13, 2015

A Spring fling........My fashion favorites for March!

March is officially a spring month and we are ALL very happy for that. (YAY for spring!!)
Although March can be a bit treacherous, I`m very happy to see it come.
It means we`re on the right side of Chrismas for sure. lol.
Longer, brighter days ahead, warmer temperatures..... which are the reasons to dump the heavy winter jackets and boots in a big ol` Box With the Words "Do not open til Next Winter!!"

Because when spring comes knocking,  I`m just itching to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe!!
In my head i`m planning and imagining what to wear, what to buy ,where to get it and how i can get is as fast as possible! (preferably yesterday!!)

March can still have quite a few nippy days, so a jacket is still a must. I just LOVE leather jackets!!
And a cool  scarf  as well .
The denim shirt is still as hot as ever (me likey!) I love to pair it with black denim jeans and Converse. Add a pair of funky sunglasses (if it`s sunny) ,and i`m good to go! lol!

Really, the endless possibillities makes fashion so much fun and unique from person to person.
I just LOVE it!!

I`ve listed a few photos below of some of the style of outfits i love to wear during early spring. (and clothes I`d love to have in my wardrobe of course)

My March fashion picks:


Keeping it casual

Chalina Itzá

Love it by Lolafashionfy. Love the pop of Orange heels @Laura Jayson Jayson Jayson Furlow I am pinning some orange and purple heels that I searched. There is lots at all different prices.
Simple sweater + Simple leather mini + Simple black booties = Simply perfection
Cute outfit!
Camisas, busos y pantalones ajustas, muy acertado para la oficina o una cita casual. #FormasIntimas
Leather + tee + layered jewelry.
Hope you enjoyed the blogpost...
Have a great day!!
Please add comments and questions below :)


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