Monday, March 16, 2015

My body is a temple, not a trash can

 I saw this quote on Pinterest as I was looking for different motivational pictures and quotes to pin.
And it got me thinking.
If I want a body that's healthy,slim, strong and beautiful, I need to pay close attention to what I actually put in my mouth.
When I was younger, I was naturally slender and had a really awesome physique (if I may say so myself).
I was super active and food was not an issue. I could eat what ever I wanted, and didn't gain any weight.
But as I got a job and a driving license, that changed....dangerously fast..
As I earned my own money, I would eat snickers bars and drink coke every day. 
And I didn't eat regularly and nutritious food either.
Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and choose differently.
Needless to say, I gained weight. And a lot of it!
And I wasn't even aware until someone made a mean comment.
I was so hurt.
And there were more of those to come over the years.
I started to hate my body.
I was also desperate to shed it, to be my old slim self again.
I had no concept of healthy and unhealthy food.
Because I had always been able to eat anything .
So many mistakes were made in the process.
I'm not gonna make this a long story.
Over the years I have learned and sought knowledge about diet, food, healthy lifestyle and training.
Because I want to do what is best for my body.
After all, I only have the one I'm in.

So back to this quote....
If i want a body that is healthy and happy, what i put in it matters a lot!

If i eat junk, i.e  sodas, sugar loaded treats, so called diet Products that contain more Chemicals than a medical lab, deep fried food etc , i`m actually abusing my body. and it will let you know how it feels about the abuse too, and it won`t be pleasant.

But if i eat clean, healthy food,i`m basically showing it the love it deserve,and it will give me so much in return.

coolest pineapple around

Have a great day



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