Sunday, March 22, 2015

Homemade Peanut butter!


Hands up if you LOVE peanut butter ( i`m holding BOTH of mine up!! lol)

But a lot of the peanut butters in the shops has a LOT of extra rubbish added.....
and who wants to put that poison in their bodies? NOT me!!
So why not just make Your own.

Making Your own peanut butter is so easy, has very few ingredients and takes about 10 minutes.
It takes longer to go to the shop to get the stuff, than just making it yourself.
Crunchy or smooth,the Choice is Yours!

So what do you need to make peanut butter you ask?

You`ll need:
-a Food processor
-peanuts (250 grams)
-sea salt (just a pinch)

That`s IT!! :)

How to make it:
-Put peanuts in the Food processor
-Turn the Food processor on
-let it stay on for 5-10 minutes (add a pinch of sea salt after 1-2 minutes)
-Peanut butter is ready

Use the spatula to wipe down the sides in the Food processor if the peanut butter comes up the sides.
(remember to turn the Food processor off when you do that)
And use spatula to pour peanut butter into a jar when ready.
If you want a more crunchy peanut butter,just pulse the Food processor til you have the peanuts as grainy as you want them,take out approx 1/4 cup of it and set aside.
Then add it to the finished smooth peanut butter,stir it in With the spatula.


I usually add a couple handfuls of almonds to my peanut butter, because it stays softer.

This way of making peanut butter applies to any nut butter, almonds,cashew,hazelnut,walnut even coconut (just use coconut shavings)

And you can add flavors to them, like:
-Vanilla/Vanilla extract
-caramel extract
-rum extract
-almond extract
-Maple syrup
-cacao powder/chocolate syrup/chocolate chips
Whatever tickles your fancy, just be creative.

Good Luck and enjoy!

Have a great day!


Please leave comments or questions below :)

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