Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Want beautiful exotic olive skin?.......Fake It!!

Ah yes, the much envied olive skin...
Don`t get me wrong,there`s absolutley NOTHING wrong With being pale.
But there is something very healthy looking about a tan body
For those of you who tan easily...CUDOS!!  Sadly, i`m not one of those....(Boooo)
I am a VERY pale
BUT, i have found my healthy glow a bottle no less (no,its not alcohol.Cause blotchy red skin and swollen drinking eyes does NOT look healthy!! haha)
I have found what I believe is the most amazing self tan i`ve EVER used!! (can i get a YAY?)
The brand is called XEN TAN, and has a good variety of shades .
From the lightest to the quite dark.
 Now,my skin is quite pale, but i don`t range among the absolute palest.
But my skin burns rather than tans, so SPF 30-50 is my best friend in the summer.
But the shade i went for With XEN TAN is the dark one...... Mist Intense weekly self tan to be exact.
Here`s why.... i want results like 2 minutes ago.
When you apply this mist ( With the Application mitt) you get a tan right away.
And the mitt is genious! NO streaks!!  (WOOT WOOT)
You simply just spray the mist onto the mitt and apply in uppwards strokes, and because the mist is dark,you can see what you`re doing.
It can be a good idea to scrub your skin before applying the tan, it`ll give a more lasting and even result.
It says on the bottle that the tan will last a week,but on me it lasts about 4-5 days. I suppose it deppends on how often you shower.
I do apply i to my face,but not with the mitt, i spray some in my hand and add some moisturizer and mix it together and apply it to my face that way.
I also use the XEN TAN bronzing powder. It gives a Perfect ,natural glow (not orange at all) ,either over makeup or just on it`s own. (all of the  XEN TAN selection)  (the Mist intense tanning spray)  (Bronzing powder)

I hope you`ve enjoyed my little review, feel free to comment or question below.


 Have a great day!!


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