Friday, March 20, 2015

Healthy Soda recipe...


I have more or less stopped drinking soda.
Because when i drink them, i can`t stop!
And we all know they are full of chemicals and additives that is NOT good for our bodies.
Sugary or diet soda, they`re ALL the same.....unhealthy and addictive!
So I came up with my own Soda.
It`s Natural and.....(TADAAAA), HEALTHY!! woohoo!!
I always try to find or make a healthy alternative to the junk out much as i can.
I`ll indulge in unhealthy treats too, but i like to limit it.

So how to make this wonderful, delicious and absolutely AWESOME soda?
well, i`m glad you asked ;)

You`ll need:

-Sparkling water
-pressed juice (NOT from concentrate!!!! and preferably Organic) if you press Your own,even better!

I usually make it a glass at a time, but you can make larger portions if you want.
But you shouldn`t drink more than 1-2 glasses.
Everything in moderation, as they say.

For 1 large glass (400 ml)

1/2-1 tsp stevia powder (or 2-4 drops liquid stevia)
150 -200 ml Fruit juice ( i use pomegranate,but any juice is fine.)
200-250 ml Sparkling water

Add stevia first,
then add the juice, stir a little to dissolve the stevia.
Then add the Sparkling water.


Now you can drink soda without feeling guilty and without chemicals to poison Your body. :)

Hope you`ll give the recipe a try.

Have a great day!!


Please leave any comments and questions below.

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