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How to: Hair care!

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I was bound to write this post really,as i`m a hair stylist ,not currently working as a hair stylist, but it`s what i`m educated as.

Hair Care, well, there`s a lot to be said....but i`m gonna try and make it as easy to understand as possible.
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Your hair is your crown and glory!!
(or so they say)

Although too few treat it as such! which in my eyes is a bit of  a tragedy.
Because a well looked after hair is so beautiful!
Sadly too many walk around with what i think is the equivalent to a birds nest on top of their heads!

That is why i`m gonna share my knowledge with you.

When i meet People and they hear i`m a hair stylist,they all say "omg! you`re a hair stylist? you probably look at everybody`s hair , oh you must think my hair is awful!!"

I gotta admit i often say " nah,i don`t really look at peoples hair"

That is a LIE!! I DO, and often i think " Gosh,get a hair cut for goodness sake!!" or "You bought that shitty cheap shampoo,didn`t you!?"
 I`m sorry if i seem a bit of a tit! But you should know most hair stylist think like me. lol!

So I`m gonna share how to take PROPER care of Your hair.
Having gorgeous hair doesn`t have to cost your life and soul. (Yay!!)

gorgeous hair

So, let`s start from the top! (no pun

1. Brushing you hair!
 (yes ,brushing!!)

First thing first! how to brush your hair....
No matter if your hair is wet or dry... you ALWAYS start at the the bottom of the lengths and work your way up!!
NO tugging from the top!! ALWAYS THE BOTTOM!! (got it?!)
If your hair is short this doesn`t apply as much,unless you`ve bleached the hell out of your hair,then brush gently to avoid breakage.

The best brush for ,actually all hair types, are :

Natural bristled brushes  :
likeBoar and porcupine (they also come in a nylon bristle.)
These brushes detangle you hair without breaking it. (remember to brush from the bottom of your hair!!) You can get a Natural bristle brush HERE

The 10 best brushes to try now

Paddle brush:

Great for longer and thicker hair. The bristles are great for massaging your scalp and stimulate blood circulation.
This is also a great brush for hair masks to help distribute the Product throughout the hair (Did i mention that you brush from the bottom?)
Get one like it HERE

Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush - doesn't snag my hair and the slightly scratchy bristles feel amazing on the scalp!

These two brushes are  all you need when it comes to just brushing your hair,
When it comes to styling ,you`ll need other Tools.

For teasing/backcombing:
Get one like it HERE

Pintail teasing comb- great for sectioning pin curls.

Round brush:
For blow drying hair and give volume.
comes in different sizes, for different lengths of hair.
Get one like it HERE

Express Ion Round Brush®  S, M, L and XL available    Helps minimise flyaways and creates a sleek, frizz-free finish. Aluminum barrel heats up during blow-drying to help shape your style. Speeds up drying time.  Express Ion Complex™ moulded into the bristles and barrel helps hair dry faster and controls frizz.  Uniquely shaped corkscrew bristles provide a smoother finish.

2. Washing your hair:
 You`d think It`s just wash and go right....WRONG!
 If you wanna have beautiful hair , you need to show it some TLC.


You should ideally get your hair and scalp analyzed by a professional, and buy a good Product for your hair and scalp need.
What most People don`t know about shampoo is (With a good Product) a little goes a long way.
If you use your Product right (let`s say you have a 250 ml bottle) it should last you 2-3 months ,depending on how thick and long you hair is.
The correct way to Wash you hair is twice... and you should use no more than a leveled teaspoon of shampoo per Wash.

Hair tip for those with Oily scalp: Avoid warm water when washing your hair, keep it lukewarm (sucks i know) preferably body temp. ALSO do not massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp...distribute the Product lightly and rinse.
NO rubbing or massaging of the scalp.
And get a shampoo for oily scalp and hair.

Hair tip for Dry scalp: Those With dry scalp should also avoid very warm water, but you don`t have to go as "Cold" as those With oily scalp.
And massage your scalp frequently to stimulate the blood flow and the oil glands in the skin.
Also get a shampoo for dry/sensitive scalp.

This step is actually very important. What most People don`t know about washing hair,is that the shampoo opens the scales on the hair shaft, and the conditioner Closes them.
So if you skip the conditioner, your hair will get damaged and break lot faster than if you you use conditioner.
now, i know a lot of People have no Clue as to how to use it...
Again, a little goes a long way....and With conditioner ,you need even less Product.
1/2-1 tsp ,and you apply it after the second Wash.
Many add it to the whole hair. You only need apply it to the lengths (from the elastic on a ponytail and out).

Hair mask/treatment:
These Products are really only an must if you have long chemically treated hair.
Depending on the damage on your hair, you can use this 1-3 times a week.
Some treatments are made especially to preserve and prolong the color in colored hair ( darker and more intense colors that fade easily).
Others are made to repair damaged hair, and some are just to give moisture.
Use 1-2 tsp depending on the thickness and length of your hair.

A tip for those With dry/brittle/damaged hair: After you`ve washed and conditioned your hair,towel dry it (gently,squeeze the water out,NO rubbing) then add a little Blueberry sized blob of hair treatment. Add it only to your ends ( the bottom 2 inches) this gives your ends a little extra boost and care.This is something i do myself.

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Here are links to some of my favorite hair Products!

Shampoos :

I hope you enjoyed the post and maybe you learned
something New!
Please leave comments and questions below.
Have a beautiful day!!!

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