Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to: skincare routine.

So i thought i`d share  how to do the whole skincare routine.
 And in what order it`s all supposed to be Applied.
It can be a little confusing and maybe overwhelming with all the different products.


From start to finish:
1. Cleanser
   Cleanse your face every day ,morning and night,
   with a gentle cleanser for your skin type.
   Use warm water (on a face cloth)  to soften skin first,
   apply the cleanser,massage it on your face for about 30 sek,then wipe off With the cloth.
   If you have a lot of makeup on it can be a good idea to cleanse twice,to get the residue off.
Do not use a face cleanser to remove eye makeup,unless it specifies
on the bottle. Use a proper eye makeup remover, or you can use coconut oil,
works great,and it`s natural.

A toner , both removes excess makeup your cleanser didn`t
and prep the skin for the serum and moisturizing.
There are a huge variety of toners,for the most sensitive skin
to oily .You apply it on a Cotton pad and swipe over Your face,
neck and decolletage (chest area).
Stay Clear of the eye area!!

3. Serum
Serum is a  potent pre moisturizing skin treatment.
active ingredients to look for in a serum, if you have a more mature skin or breakouts:
Hyaloronic acid:moisture binding/plumping (anti aging)
Retinol: Stimulates cell turnover (anti aging)
Vitamin C: UV-damage protection
Alpha Hydroxy, Glycolic, Lactic: Cuts through upper layers of skin
Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid: Penetrates deep into pores to treat and prevent breakouts
Apply it on Your face ,neck and decolletage,like you would a moisturizer.

Comes in a cream or gel, apply to the face,neck and decolletage a few minutes after the serum.
Get a moisturizer with spf 20 or higher. (if you have fair skin,spf 50 is best)

5.Eye cream
Eye cream is used to treat the under eye area, if you have
 wrinkles ,dark circles or get puffy/swelling.
Use Your ring finger to gently apply the cream.
the eye area is very delicate.
(How/where to apply eye cream on illustration below.) 
Face scrub: 1-3 times a week
(See my recipe for face scrub HERE )
                                    Face mask: 1-4times a week,depending on the mask
Hope you`ve enjoyed the  post.
Please leave questions and comments below .

Have a Beautiful day!!



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