Thursday, July 2, 2015

protect your skin!!

I`m just gonna be blunt!!
Skin cancer is not hot!!
So why are so many people so reckless with their skin?
I know people who put OIL on their skin to get a tan faster!! OIL!!!!
Seriously! why risk your health for a tan?

But the sun is not the enemy, it`s our lack of common sense that`s the problem.

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The fact is that you have to protect your skin against the  rays of the sun,
The best way is to apply SPF, and stay out of the sun,or in the shade between 12-15 pm.

One of my friends  is a Medical skin therapist, and she has been telling me so many times the importance of SPF.

She says that for the face  one should use a minimum SPF 50 and minimum SPF 30 on the body.

The thing is ,that you will get just as great a tan with the high SPF, it will even last longer.

In love with this shot- the colors, the pose, how natural it all looks. Love.

Nothing looks as healthy and beautiful as sun kissed skin, and for those of us who aren`t blessed with
naturally tanned skin,we tend to lay out in the sun every chance we get.
But  there are less damaging ways to get a tan.
Sunless tanner or spray tan are great ways to get the beautiful color we crave.
That way we don`t have to spend hours roasting ourselves. lol.

Sand, Sea Salt, Sunshine, & Summertime #Summer

But with sunless tanner or even if you have naturally dark skin, SPF is still very important!!
Don`t ever skip putting it on!! Even during Winter, use SPF on your face.

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