Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dare to dream, dare to hope

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I believe us humans are  born with a purpose in life other than to just exist.
we all come with our own personal blueprint in a way....that makes me who i am and you who you are.
But in spite of our differences as human beings,we all have something in common.
We all have hopes and dreams for our lives, for our future. (not the same ones of course,lol)


I can only speak for myself, but i know i have dreams,longings and hopes for my life that i really want to come true.
And i must admit, there are dreams i had hoped would`ve happened already.
I`ve been heartbroken over what has not come to be.
I have let fear and anxiety get in my way.
But in spite being heartbroken over unfulfilled dreams, hope keeps me going.

Since i was a child all i ever wanted to do was to sing, i love music.
I have the talent , but i lack the confidence.
I grew up with the mentality " don`t think you`re anything special" ,If you have the talent you shouldn`t act like you know it kinda thinking.
So my ability to pursue my biggest dream has been lacking because of how i was taught to think.

This is how I feel about the Peace Corps - it's never too late!

I have done a lot of singing over the years,and loved every moment of it,but it seemed it didn`t lead me anywhere.
And i wanted to go further, my dream is to sing for a living.
To live off my biggest love and passion is my biggest dream in life.
I`ve probably made some wrong decisions along the way, but that can`t mean that i can`t have my dream come true,can it?

I`m choosing to believe that as long i`m living,there is always a chance for my dreams to come true.
But i have realised,that my dreams won`t fall into my lap,they rarely do for anyone.
I have to work for them, put myself in motion.

But that is sometimes easier said than done....
I can feel totally paralyzed,unable to do anything!!
And it makes me feel desperate and frustrated.

I have also let my age be a factor as to what i can and cannot do.
But age has nothing to do with it!
If i want it bad enough,i will find a way to reach my goal.

I'll never be a "grown up" by societies standards and I'm OK with that.

I wish of course i had reached them at least 10 years ago, but i have a feeling i wouldn't`ve been able to handle it as well as i know i can now.
Maturing is just as an important part of the process.
Some things just can`t be hurried (clearly!)

I have started to write songs again, and are gonna start recording some of my songs soon.
I`m fortunate to have a brother who`s also a musician and has a small studio.
So i`m in the progress, the best is yet to come i believe.

I will dare to dream and dare to hope....

Postive Quotes

I thought i`d share one of the songs i was singing a duet on a good few years ago.( actually long
I was singing in a gospel choir at the time.
Hope you like it.

Click  HERE to hear the song

I hope you`ve enjoyed my post.
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Have a beautiful day!

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