Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Interval Running

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I am all about interval running.....i mean i just love it!
That is probably because i`m more a sprinter than an endurance runner.

I always admired people who were out running and wished i was like them,but i knew i had not the patience or endurance to go for a run.

So i decided to start running intervals......or at least try.

At the start i really sucked. lol.
But i didn`t give up, and i`m so glad i didn`t.
The progress has been amazing and really motivating.

I started out not being able to run more than 1 minute without almost dying.
And now i`m training for my first 5K race!!
(check out the Yorkville run HERE )

So i thought i`d share some of the intervals i love to do.

"Once you see results, it becomes an addiction." #Fitness #Inspiration #Quote

The Intervals
You run 4 minutes and walk 2 minutes. you do this 4 times.
Sprint interval:
I sprint for 30 Seconds and rest 30 Seconds.
I repeat that for about 5-10 rounds.
Hill Interval:
Set the treadmill at an inclination (i set it at 11%)
Then  run for 30 Seconds and rest 30 Seconds,
Do this 5-10 rounds.

These are the intervals i run the most, i`ll adjust and mix it up now and then.

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When you run intervals, it`s mainly about improving your fitness level (endurance, lung capacity and heart rate)
So interval running is definitively  outside the Comfort zone.
But it`s a great way to start running if you don`t have the endurance yet.
And i personally think it`s more fun.

If you`re a beginner, Don`t start too hard and fast. We don`t want any injuries...

An other great thing about running intervals is if you want to lose weight, interval training is great for fat burning.
Because you get the heart rate up and down, it gets your metabolism working.

So go run some intervals!

5 Tips To Avoid Burning Out On Your Run -


Have a beautiful day.

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