Monday, May 18, 2015

My "diet"

"Staying Whole in a Processed World" Series part 2 - How to find the best produce, why eating seasonally is important, & tips to get more fruits & vegetables into your diet! -

To be honest it`s not  a diet...cause i`m not dieting
 It`s a a lifestyle choice.

I have tried almost all kinds of diets to lose weight..and i have failed at them all. MISERABLY!!!
Because a diet basically has a time limit...
I have even tried to not eat... failed at that as well (thank god!!) I love food too much.

After many trials and conclusion is.... to just eat NORMAL ,HEALTHY FOOD!!!!
I eat 5-6 small meals a day.
It`s been a long process to get to where i am today,and i wish i`d known what i know now 10 years ago, but i can only change today and set the direction for my future.

I have taken a few steps towards a healthy diet,by adding/eating more of veggies and fruit, making alternatives to my favorite treats, and cutting out sodas and junk Food.

It was really hard at the start, to cut out soda.
I drank pepsi max every day..i LOVED it. But one day i just made the decision to cut it out,and i feel so much better. I will enjoy a glass of soda once in a while,but then i opt for a regular sugary soda, as the diet sodas are much worse for your body.

I am human after all, and i`ll enjoy pizza or burger now and then.....but the less i eat it, the less i crave it.
Besides my tummy really makes me sorry for the i prefer to make pizza and burgers from scratch.

I have one day a week where i indulge in a treat or two, usually Saturday.
I like to think of my diet as 80/20 , 80% healthy and 20% treats.

It`s not like i`ll turn down a slice of cake if i`m at someones birthday party or whatever in the middle of the week.  but as a rule, Saturday is my treat day. (but i don`t only eat treats all day)

It's not just all about eating your greens! Great advice for parents to ensure your kids are eating a healthy balanced diet!

So what do i eat?

Well here in Norway, we`re very fond of our bread ,so most of the time i`ll eat bread for breakfast and lunch.
Or i`ll make oatmeal or oat pancakes.
I have a crazy sweet tooth,so i Stock up on fruit, fresh and dried.
Loads of veggies (i love roasted veggies with my dinner).
When it comes to protein Sources, i`m a carnivore through and through.
So i eat mainly chicken and Fish, and i`ll have steak once in a while ( I LOOOVE STEAK!!)

In short, i eat EVERYTHING, in moderation!!
I believe Balance is key....
But there are some foods i stay away from,or eat very rarely (cause they mess up my stomach like crazy,and i`m not a fan of the pain and discomfort they bring)

Below you`ll see what a typical day looks like for me. (of course i may eat something different for lunch or dinner)

Whole Grain No-Knead Sourdough Bread from Nourished Kitchen #nourishedkitchen

2 Slices of Whole wheat bread with cheese,or hard boiled egg. Or Oatmeal porridge with  sliced banana, chopped almonds and maple syrup, Or Oat pancake with peanut butter and honey or jam.

2 Slices of Whole wheat bread with ham and cheese
and a piece of fruit.

Chia seed pudding and a fruit / or raisins and nuts

Changes from day to day,
but i eat  carbs like pasta or rice (1/4 cup rice and 1/2-1 cup pasta) , veggies (half the plate) and Protein like meat,chicken or fish.(ca 100 grams)

might be a slice of bread with cheese

If i get hungry after that, i usually drink a glass of milk and eat a fruit/nuts

So don`t forget to indulge a little, life gets so boring otherwise.
The 80/20 rule remember.....

The perfect fudgy, chocolatey, gooey, thick brownies you'll ever taste. Plus, you only need one bowl to make them!

There is one thing i take to help me shed weight:

Check out my next blog post, i share   what i take to help with my weight loss.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, please post any questions or comments below.

Have a beautiful day


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