Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weight loss tip

8 Most important benefits of Psyllium Husk
This blog post is not gonna be long at all.
I just wanted to share my weight loss tip with you.
We all know it`s important to eat healthy and be active to shed weight.
But sometimes ,at least for me, i find it hard to control my eating
i.e  not to over eat.
so i have started to take a very Natural and healthy "supplement"
Psyllium husk.
It`s totally brilliant!!
I helps me to not over eat.
And i hardly ever get bloated anymore.(YAY!!)
I mix 1-2 teaspoons in a glass of water or in drinking yogurt ( ca 250 ml)  and chug 10-20 min before a meal. ( drink immediately after mixing,cause it swells fast)
It swells in the stomach so i feel less hungry.
I take it basically 2-4 times a day.
Before breakfast, before my first snack of the day,
before lunch and in the evening,if i`m hungry after dinner (ca 2 hours before bed)
It`s very important to drink a lot of water when taking psyllium husk, because it swells up to 20 times its own size and it`s high in fiber.
So if you don`t drink enough,you`ll get constipated rather than getting the great benefits.
So drink up buttercup!!
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I hope you enjoyed this post, post any questions or comments below.
Have a beautiful day.

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